Monday, October 30, 2017

Review: Alpha Mail - Brenda Rothert

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Alpha Mail

Review: Alpha Mail - Brenda Rothert - October 2017

When I saw this book, I knew immediately that I wanted to read it and I was certain that I would love it. What I didn't know was just how much I would love it. This book was amazing as it draws the reader in. We all know someone who is an Alpha Mail, and like the main character Sienna, we have probably had a date with an Alpha and hated it as they turned out to be jerks. I know I had a bad date with an alpha and OMFG worst date ever as he was rude, no manners and then when I told him we weren't going to work, he asked for my sister's number though if I think about it, they were more suited, but still.  Over a night with her best friend Sienna came up with a business idea called Alpha Mail. Where females can sign up and get the sexting / talking part of the alphas without all the other hassle and even better no relationship needed. Sienna's life is taken up mainly with her business and looking after Carmen and Jack who is dying. After an article shows up about her business, Sienna receives an email from RoughRider16 telling her she needs schooling in "real alphas." What begins is then an IM/Email romance, but what happens when she discovers who the person behind RoughRider16 is? Will it change her developing feelings? Alpha Mail ticks all the boxes for a great book from romantic comedy, IM/Emails, Friendships and then the emotional parts and though Jack was a minor part, he stole the show with his cuteness and child mannerism/ sayings. I just wanted in parts to cuddle up with Jack and be like we are here for you mate and take care of him. Alpha Mail is a romance read that should be added to your 2017 reading lists.

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