Friday, October 20, 2017

Review: Roses are Red , Violets are Dead - Monica Marie Vincent

Roses are Red... Violet is Dead

Review: Roses are Red, Violets are Dead - Monica-Marie Vincent - March 2015

One morning is heading to school; Violet gets a strange text telling her to dump her boyfriend, Blake or Else. She shrugs it off as a prank, that is until she gets more text messages. Is it one of her friends or someone who wants Blake for themselves? Violet doesn't think anything more of the text messages until her English teacher is killed with an arrow right in front of her and a text arrives telling Violet that they killed him for her. With someone dead, Violet now realizes that she has a full-on stalker. What will happen though when she starts to receive more text messages and tells her best friend Ebony, and she goes missing? Has the stalker decided to get rid of Ebony too as they think she is standing in the way of their and Violet's happiness and love for one another ? I have to admit at first I didn't see who the stalker was and then the twist with the photos of Ebony as a child and hidden money chucked me off the trail again as I started to think maybe it's someone from her childhood or someone who knew her parents. Then when the actual stalker was revealed at the end, it did make sense and I was like Oh, yeah I can see how that person turned all stalkery and their were obvious clues throughout the book. This was a good YA mystery. Very PLL like.

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