Monday, October 23, 2017

Review: Bourbon Sins - Meghan Quinn

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Bourbon Sins (Bourbon, #1)

Review: Bourbon Sins - Book #1 Jett Girl Series - Meghan Quinn - October 2017
I have always been a Meghan Quinn fan, so when I saw that she had re-released her Becoming a Jett Girl series I had to get around to reading it finally. I loved it as it was set in New Orleans and after being there in May 2017, it sparked memories of the places as Meghan had Goldie set up a store in Jackson Square, visit Cafe Dumond for the beignets and Bourbon Street fun and even mentioning the morning sanitation crew which I too was impressed with. Goldie is busy working and trying to stay afloat after her parents both died and then Hurrican Katrina hit. Goldie has attracted the attention of Jett Colby, and he wants her as one of his Jett Girls. Kace who btw had my attention doesn't think she is cut out to be one and we see the start of a possible love triangle forming but eventually becomes a love square as before Goldie becoming a Jett Girl she was the mistress of Rex Titan whose history goes way back with Jett Colby.  Will Goldie aka Lo stay as a Jett Girl or will her heart go to Rex Titan? I am now looking forward to reading the rest of the series to see if Kace gets his own story as out of the guys he was my favorite.

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