Monday, October 30, 2017

Review: Six Little Secrets - Katlyn Duncan

Six Little Secrets

Review: Six Little Secrets - Katlyn Duncan - November 2017
Remember the 80's movie The Breakfast Club? Of course, you do, it's a teen classic. Well lately, it seems that a common theme amongst new YA novels is The Breakfast Club with a Mystery spin. I have read three books so far with this theme. Six Little Secrets was the second one. In this book, it is Saturday Detention time, and six teens each from a different clique are all in today's session. During the detention, something dark happens and turns out the six are there for a reason, they all are hiding dark secrets, and if they don't follow the instructions given to them and reveal their secrets, then they will be facing the consequences.  Who is doing this to them and why? Six Little Secrets was a fast-paced novella though I would consider it more a novel as novellas are short and quick. I have to admit I liked the twist for who the sixth person was as I didn't see that coming. Six Little Secrets is The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars and perfect for YA Mystery lovers.

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