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Review: The Store - James Patterson and Richard DiLallo


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The Store

Review: The Store - James Patterson and Richard Dilallo - August 2017

I have to admit I was a little wary of starting this book as I have often found when James Patterson writes with a few of the different authors, I haven't enjoyed them as much, and I wasn't sure about The Store.  What I didn't expect was that I would find myself engrossed in the novel and the whole idea of bringing down The Store after the family was rejected with their Roots of a Music book. Jacob and Megan Brandeis are part of the old world whereas writers they loved libraries and books. Now with the new world, you just log online, and The store will bring you exactly what you need. They know you without having to ask you your interests. Jacob and Megan decide a new book proposal and go undercover as workers for The Store in a new town called New Burg. Their book will be the expose of The Store. As the novel goes along though, it seems that Jacob is having a harder time than his family of adjusting to this new world of being self-reliant when it comes to The Store. It starts to create rifts between his family, and as we get along we wonder whether Jacob should just resign to the life of the Store or continue his mission even if it means putting his family and himself at risk? The Store was a fast-paced novel which gets the readers thinking about the future of the world and how technology has advanced so quickly that eventually this could happen and the world as we know it becomes obsolete as everything can be controlled with a click of a button. I have to admit it seems we are heading that way as recently I saw you can now purchase Smart Beds where the mattresses etc are controlled by your smartphone or device.

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