Monday, October 16, 2017

Review: Roomies - Christina Lauren


Review: Roomies - Christina Lauren - December 2017

I have first to admit that this book let me down a bit as I saw the title Roomies and thought OMG yay, a roommate novel but in fact, this didn't have the Roommate theme that we are all used to when we think about a roomies story. In fact, this book was more about a fake marriage contract.  For the past six months, that Holland has been working behind the scenes on Broadway for her Uncle, she has had a crush on a busker in the Subways. It turns out that her busker's name is Calvin and she will see him earlier than she thinks as her best friend takes her to a small hole in the wall bar in Jersey where Calvin is playing in a band. One thing leads to another, and currently, in the Broadway show, they need a new musician, and Holland thinks of Calvin. She shows her uncle and then fast forward Calvin is offered the part. The only problem is that Calvin shouldn't even be in the States as his visa expired years ago and he has been living under the radar. Getting this gig could open plenty of doors for Calvin but how can he solve this expired visa problem and not be deported back to Ireland? Enter Holland, who comes up with a cray-cray idea and wham bam we have a fake marriage and a green card. Can Calvin and Holland prove to the world and immigration that their relationship is real? What happens when the line of their fake marriage gets blurred, and they both start to develop feelings of love for one another? I love books like this except what always gets my goat is that when the lines start to blur from fake to real relationship - there is no communication. It's like HELLO, people tell the other person how you feel about them and stop pussy-footing and playing games as more than likely the other person in the relationship feels the same way. Overall, Roomies was another good fake marriage/ relationship New Adult romance set in the heart of a Broadway Musical.

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