Monday, October 30, 2017

Review: The Offer - LL Frost

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The Offer: Reverse Harem Serial (Succubus Bargain Book 1)

Review: The Offer - Episode #1 Succubus Bargain - L.L Frost - June 2017
I have to admit; I wasn't too sure what this serial episode would be like. I only clicked it as A) the cover looked pretty cool and B) it said that it was a reverse harem story. The serial episode starts out with introducing us to Adeline aka Addie Pond who is a succubus who hates feeding off people and killing innocents. She is the type of succubus who would prefer to pay for her meal and feed only when necessary. While out to meet her meal, she comes across another demon who takes her and has wild passionate demon sex. She realizes her mistake and rushes out. The book then jumps to Addie cooking and whipping up a storm as her dream is to open a cupcake bakery like a human and she has a bank meeting to attend. To build up her courage, she goes out dancing to feed off the energy and finds herself in trouble, and again a new demon saves her.  The final part of the first episode is Addie's bank appointment, and she is about to get a surprise and an offer that if she refuses could cost her her life. She can fund her bakery as long as she shares herself with three demons who run the bank and only them. Will Addie take the Offer? This episode ended on the cliffhanger of Addie's decision. I have the next episode on my Kindle to read, and if I am hooked, I will most likely continue and finish The Succubus Bargain serial.

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