Monday, October 16, 2017

Review: Spencer - Kerry Heavens

Spencer (Not your average British romance, #1)

Review: Spencer - Book #1 Not Your Average British Romance Series - Kerry Heavens - May 2015

One of my favorite places to read about is the UK, so more than often when romances and the odd mystery are set in the UK with hot hunks, then I read them. Kerry Heavens captured me with her series title Not Your Average British Romance. She had me hooked at British Romance. The other thing I loved once I started reading it was that the two main characters have a twitter romance building up throughout the novel and then with the Cinderella Story twist that only one of them knows who the other is. Jasmine aka Jazz has spotted a Mr. McHottie and has found herself flustered around him. One thing leads to another and with a bit of snooping from her best friend, they begin following him on Twitter. Spencer Ryan is the guy who knows he is Hot Stuff and takes lots of #selfies and flirts with all his female followers. Jazz has him interested and thus begins a flirtatious relationship. What will happen though when Jazz heads to her friend's fathers house, only to discover that Spencer is working on it with his cousin and that IRL Spencer is an A-grade jerk who loves to tease her and call her Princess.  What will happen when Spencer discovers that Jazz and the girl he can't stand and has nicknamed him Princess is the same person? Will this twitter romance roll into reality or will it live only between the 140 characters of Twitter's direct messages? Find out in Book #1 Spencer by Kerry Heavens - a Twitter Romance.

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