Sunday, October 1, 2017

Review: Their Rigid Rules - Christina Thompson

Their Rigid Rules

Review: Their Rigid Rules - Book #3 Chemical Attraction Series - Christina Thompson - July 2014
Though this is Book #3, this can be read as a stand-alone. I was attracted to this series due to the new covers and the fact that it was set in a college environment and then on top of that a teacher/student relationship which is one of my favorite romance tropes to read. The other thing that I enjoyed about this series - Chemical Attraction was that it had a romantic suspense feel to the novel as someone is stalking the visiting professor Dr. Stuart Morgan and sending him threatening notes. He now has a bodyguard, but they aren't getting any closer to finding out who the stalker is and why he/she wants to kill and ruin Stuart's life. What makes it more dangerous now is that Stuart is falling in love with one of his students Taylor Valentine and now that she is in the mix, she is being stalked and threatened too.  As their lives become more and more dangerous, is Taylor willing to stay with Stuart? Can the pair of them prove to those around them and their friends that love can conquer anything?
Find out in this romantic suspense college fiction in the Chemical Attraction series. 

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