Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Releases : The Search by Shelley Shepard Gray

Do you enjoy Amish Novels ?
Have you been an avid reader of Shelley Shepard Gray's multiple series ?
Synopsis: The Search - Book #2 The Secrets of Crittenden County - Shelley Shepard Gray - June 2012
An Avon Inspire Paperback OriginalIn the second book in her Secrets of Crittenden County series, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray delivers another page-turning romance set in Amish country

The serenity of the quiet Amish community of Marion, Kentucky is disrupted when the body of Perry Borntrager is discovered in an abandoned well. Perry had been missing for six months, but it was assumed he had left the order during his rumspringa. As the small town faces the first death by mysterious circumstance in over 20 years, a homicide detective arrives to help solve the crime.

Before Perry disappeared, he had been courting Fannie Eicher. Now it's up to Fannie to decide whether or not to share Perry's secrets with the visiting police officer. There's something trustworthy about the man, so Fannie decides to reveal that Perry had been stealing money from the Schrock's Variety Store and had been using the money to buy drugs.

Luke Reynolds feels out of place in the middle of Amish country. He figures a week or two will be all it takes to solve the case. Then two things happen: Luke learns that the case is more complicated than he first thought, and he meets Fannie Eicher. After sharing details of the case with her, and later sharing meals, Luke begins to feel more and more at home with Fannie, and in Marion. Soon, he begins to feel a romantic pull toward Fannie; and while she feels it too, she is afraid to give her heart to him. After all, she doesn't want to leave her faith, or leave her father alone.

As Luke uncovers more secrets about Perry, his time in Marion runs out. He has to decide whether to go back to his job with the Cincinnati Police Department…or stay in Marion. Bu if he stays, will the complications of the past and the revelations of the case prevent Luke and Fannie from falling in love?

Book #1 and Book #3

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