Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Losing Clementine - Ashley Ream

Looking for a dramatic novel ?
What would you do if you found out you had a terminal illness ?
Review: Losing Clementine - Ashley Ream - March 2012
What would you do if you discovered that you had a terminal illness ? Would you live on pain medication for the rest of your life or would you decide to take the easy option out and commit suicide , since of course euthanasia is illegal in most states. 
In Losing Clementine, we meet Clementine Pritchard she has discovered that she is dying, so one month she decides that that's it, it's time to give up so she gives herself one month to get everything sorted and of course she has researched all the appropriate ways to die without causing a scene. But before she dies , she has to find herself and discover her past and confront her demons.  This month , like the book Miles Away we read as Clementine goes on a road trip of sorts and the main destination is discovering where her father is and why one day he just up and left, never to get in contact ever again. We also discover the truth behind how Clementine's mother and sister died and how one decision changed the course of Clementine's life and if she had chosen not to go to school that day, she would also be laying six feet under next to her mother and sister.  In a way , I expected when I read the blurb of Losing Clementine to be a bit more sad and maybe in parts, I might have displayed tears but it was a lovely book in where one decision can always be changed, and that even if you think that you have no-one left in your life , life gives you lemons and surprises you in ways you never expected. The only downside I found is that the ending kind of leaves the reader hanging and wondering does Clementine live or will she die ? To readers, the ending is the only thing standing in my way of giving the book a 5 star.
So readers, if you are looking for an awesome read - Losing Clementine is the book for you , but if you are one of those readers who love the endings squared off , then be pre-warned that this book may leave you frustrated and grasping for more, so if this is you, then release that imagination of yours and let it go wild.

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