Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: Dead, Actually - Kaz Delaney

Do you love Mysteries ?
Are you a fan of Ghost tales like hit TV Show "Ghost Whisperer" ?
Review: Dead , Actually - Kaz Delaney - March 2012
Are you a fan of the hit TV Show "Ghost Whisperer" or Medium ? The show where once someone dies , they show up wanting the person who can see them, their help to solve whatever circumstance they are going through. To get peace, or to know who or what killed them ?
Meet two girls , both from opposite ends of the high school popularity list. We have Willow Cartwright, she is happy just being herself and is considered a D-Lister and her friends only consist of Macey and her brother Seth Pentecost. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have JoJo Grayson. She was the Queen Bee, the one everyone wanted or so it seemed. When JoJo dies and Willow is the one to witness the accident, everyone seems caught up in Willow - was JoJo hiding something that everyone wanted to make sure was hidden ? Willow thinks that once JoJo is buried that this is the end of it, but unfortunately for Willow - she is being haunted by JoJo's spirit and now as the only person who can see her Willow must try and figure out what exactly happened to JoJo and why somebody wanted her dead and she better do it fast , as the longer it takes, the longer Willow has to be surrounded by JoJo's ghost.
A fun mystery novel , that when I read it I had senses of Deja Vu and then I realised that a similar premise happened in the novels The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade and Remember Me Trilogy by Christopher Pike. It also makes you wonder what the people you hang around would say if you were dead ? Would they really be torn or would they be rejoicing ? 

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