Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Sweet Valley Confidential : Lies and Omissions - Francine Pascal

It's Sweet Valley Confidential time again and our favourite twins  that we either love or hate are back. It wouldn't be Sweet Valley without the famous Wakefield Twins - Jessica and Elizabeth.

Review: Sweet Valley : The Sweet Life - Lies and Omissions- Book #2 - Francine Pascal- July 2012
At the end of book #1 , we read as Todd and Jessica's marriage was on the rocks as new reporter Sarah tried to steal Todd , Bruce Patman was accused of rape and Elizabeth ever the reporter went out to investigate and Lila scored a role of a new hit reality show "True Housewives of Sweet Valley" but on the show Lila badmouthed husband Ken and now he has walked out. 
It seems that with relationships that the three girls of Sweet Valley High aren't having much luck and seemly enough it looks like it's their careers that have put them where they are today. Jessica still in love with Todd discovers through the rumour mill that he has slept with Sarah decides to get a little payback of her own and ends up sleeping with Liam  who has his eyes set on Jessica. When the truth of Todd and Sarah's relationship comes out , has Jessica overstepped the boundaries with Liam ? Can Omitting the detail of her overnight stay with Liam ,help her to win Todd over or will her lies come out into the open and make matters worse ? The rape accusations just keep on coming , and Elizabeth after doing some investigating of her own starts to doubt whether partner Bruce is giving her a true account of what happened that night ? Who is lying - is it Bruce or Robin - the victim ? Will Elizabeth's judgement be clouded or will she be able to determine whether the rape is true or is it a case of lies and omissions being told ?
Lila, after the disastrous first episode of The True Housewives of Sweet Valley when Ken caught her putting him down as a bonehead football player and he walked out . Though this time , is the relationship between Lila and Ken over ? Can Lila let her guard down and tell Ken how she really feels for him or will this be one truth that must be omitted in order to not show defeat?
Another wonderful installment in The Sweet Life series and I look forward to reading the next six to come :)

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