Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Faith and the Camp Snob - Jen Jones

Are you looking for a book for your daughter to read ?
Is she aged between 9-13+ yrs old ?
Does she love Cheerleading ?

Review: Faith and the Camp Snob - Book #1 Team Cheer Series - Jen Jones - August 2011
Are you a fan of Cheerleading movies ? Have you passed through the stage of reading Rainbow Fairies , Tiara Club and Go-girls ? 
This is the perfect read for all girls aged 9-13yrs old and if they have ever dreamed of being a cheerleader and live for movies like Bring It On #1-5 , Fired Up , Step Up #1-4. Then this is definitely the book for them. 
Faith and the Camp Snob introduces us to Faith - she is the new girl on the Cheerleading squad and definitely not what many of us would think , including her of cheerleader material.  When the girls are invited to Cheer Camp, Faith is excited as it will be just like the movies , alot of hard work but extremely fun or will it ? 
Soon Faith will have to realise like Dorothy that she isn't in Kansas any more and that the girls here are In it to Win it. When a game of truth and dare goes wrong , and Faith feels bullied she decides that maybe Cheering isn't for her. Can her friends prove to her that she does fit in and that no matter what anyone says, she is awesome and that she should never let anyone stand in her way of her dream.
A lovely fun tale that reminded me alot of Bring It On #4 - In It To Win It. The only Bring it On to be completely based at Cheer Camp.

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