Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: To the Nines - Janet Evanovich

Are you a Stephanie Plum fan ?
Have you read or seen the movie "One for the Money" ?
A 2012 goal of mine was to read and make my way through the Janet Evanovich series and here I am halfway through the year and halfway through the series as I finish and bring you the review for Book #9 .

Review: To the Nines - Book #9 Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich - June 2004
It seems that with the Bond Enforcement agency, new types of bonds are appearing from Custody Bonds in Book #8 and now in #9 Visa Bonds. Vinnie's client Samuel Singh has been missing for five days and this case doesn't look good as due to the first of it's kind - Vinnie's agency has been getting alot of press and now if they can't produce the client - it could turn things for the worst. Desperate to find him, Vinnie pairs up Ranger and Stephanie in the hopes that one of them will bring him back. It seems that something fishy is going on at the place where Samuel Singh worked and the only way to get information is for Stephanie to go undercover. What happens though when Stephanie starts to attract trouble and is shot with a tranquillizer ? Ranger, ever the protector hires round the clock bodyguards for Stephanie but of course when you are paired with Stephanie and her sidekick Lula , anything can happen especially in To the Nines as Lula spends the whole book on some crazy- assed diets , as we read two of the bodyguards end up in hospital.  As the team digs further with all hands on deck , as we watch Connie and Vinnie take part in this bounty - Stephanie finds her life in danger once again and torn between two guys - Joe Morelli and Ranger - her Batman. 
Can the team find Samuel Singh alive or will they have to be burying his body ? 
On a positive note , Stephanie becomes an Aunty once again as her sister Val has hers and Albert Kloughn's baby.  
Of course, what would a Stephanie Plum novel be without a little fun from Grandma Mazur as we watch her decide to change her hair into funky colours by buying an array of colourful wigs.
Another fun installment in the Stephanie Plum Series and stay tuned for Book #10 .

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