Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: The Irish Healer - Nancy Herriman

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Review: The Irish Healer - Nancy Herriman - April 2012
What happens when the one thing in your life can turn out to be the worst thing and bring forth horrible consequences ? Rachel Dunne, an Irish Healer had devoted her life to saving people and working with children to keep them healthy and well until one fateful night when a girl she was looking after died . Rachel is then accused of murdering the girl. Feeling helpless , her family decide it's best if they send Rachel away, somewhere we she can be safe from the scandal that has rocked the Irish shores. Rachel then through her parents is offered a job in England , assisting the local Doctor James Edmund. When Rachel arrives to England , though a mix -up occurs when it seems that they were expecting an older women , a lady spinster not the young feisty 20yr old Rachel Dunne. Can Rachel prove to the Dr and his family that she is capable of the job ? Especially when tragedy strikes England , and a plague of Chlorea falls onto the nation and one of the patients is Dr. Edmunds daughter ? Can Rachel find the courage and strength she has hidden away to care for a child when all she can think about is the one she lost ? What will happen when Dr. Edmunds finds out the truth on why Rachel had to flee Ireland , will he feel betrayed or will the love he has come to feel for Rachel prevail ?
Find out in The Irish Healer , a historical Christian novel in which shows that everyone no matter what deserves a second chance at life and who knows, like Rachel love may follow.

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  1. This is a wonderful book to read and how the herbs are better at healing than the medicine that doctors give you. I really enjoyed the book with all the twists and turns in it. I would recommend it to anybody to read it.



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