Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: The Stranger you Seek - Amanda Kyle Williams

Do you love your murder mysteries ? Novels filled with Serial Killers ?
Have you watched the TV show "Criminal Minds" ? 
Do you love Profiling and ever wondered what it would be like to work for the FBI BAU ?

Review : The Stranger You Seek - Amanda Kyle Williams - August 2011
I have to say one of my all-time favourite genres to read will always be Murder Mysteries and I have to say the more exciting the better as when it comes to books like this , I need fast-paced storyline and enchantment. After watching seasons #1 and #2 of Criminal Minds, I knew I would love this book as it is based on a former FBI BAU Profiler named Keye Street. Why I loved it as on Criminal Minds, the cast are part of the FBI BAU aka Behavioural Analyst Unit. Their job is to profile serial killers and then from the profiles they are able to capture the killers. 
In The Stranger You Seek , we meet Keye Street . She was a former Criminal Profiler and the best in her field until tragedy struck and she found herself going downhill and fast. Now she works as a Private Detective and a Bounty Hunter - Not Stephanie Plum style though , Keye Street is more Ranger.  On the occasion Keye also works freelance aside the police and her friend Rauser. A Serial Killer is striking fear into the local neighbourhood and his MO has the police in confusion and if that wasn't enough, this killer likes to be heard and is constantly sending letters to the Detective Rauser. With no leads, Rauser hires Keye to come up with a profile based on the evidence from Victimonology. As the case goes on, we see Keye putting herself more into danger as she gets closer. When tragedy strikes Keye , it seems that the Killer maybe the person she expects the least and someone who knows more about her than anyone else in the world ?
What happens when one of your closest friends maybe a Serial Killer ? Do your morals stop you from doing the right thing or are you all about screwing ethics and solving crimes ?
Find out in The Stranger You Seek starring Keye Street. A Favourite for all fans of Forensics and Criminal Profiling and of course the hit show "Criminal Minds".

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