Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: Don't Let Me Go- Catherine Ryan Hyde

Are you looking for an amazing book to read ?
One that will tug at your heartstrings ?
From the author who brought you Pay it forward and When I found you , I bring to you one of her newer releases.
Review: Don't Let Me Go - Catherine Ryan Hyde - September 2011
Grace Johnson , was just a ten year old girl wanting help but didn't know how to ask. As each day passed , Grace would sit outside as her mother Eileen was loaded on drugs. She sat out on the steps of her apartment building every day until one day , one of the neighbours - who suffered from Agoraphobia decided to talk to this little girl. He discovered who she was and what the matter was and soon enough , this little girl pulled the whole apartment building and it's tenants together as they shared one thing in common - Grace. When things start to get really tough, Grace comes up with an idea - that in order for her mother to get clean and mean it this time, she has to lose the one thing she cares about - Grace. So Grace hatches a plan to stay with Billy - her new-found friend who with each step is overcoming his Agoraphobia. 
Don't Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde was one of the most amazing and touching stories , it tugged on your heartstrings and showed readers that no matter how small you maybe , we all have the power to bring people together and change the world - even so, if it's your own little world as Grace - a ten year old girl in the space of a few months played an impact on the tenants around her and changed their lives for the best. A story that will have you falling in love with Grace and the amazing calmness she portrays through what we can imagine is one of the most difficult times of her life and as readers, we too can't help but fall in love with Grace.
Catherine Ryan Hyde's book "Don't Let Me Go" is a high must-read and fans of Jodi Picoult. Jane Green and any other author that tackles the dramas of family life , drugs etc will fall in love with instantly.

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  1. I just loved this heartwarming story . . . it was funny, sad, and just plain great to read. It reminds me of Hyde's book, Love in the Present Tense, because of the unforgettable characters. I'll be thinking about Grace and Billy Shine for a long while.

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