Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: The Lovesick Cure - Pamela Morsi

Looking for a new chick lit to add to your reading list ?
Review: The Lovesick Cure - Pamela Morsi-August 2012
Imagine one day having everything you want , a good job teaching a subject you are passionate about e.g for Jessie it's Earth Science and being engaged and planning your wedding to the school Principal. Then a few months later , you have lost not only your job but also your fiancĂ© has replaced you with a new bride and to make matters worse , you live in a small-town. 
This was now the prospect of Jessie Winsloe's life , she had no job and no fiancĂ© and living in a small-town where everybody knew everyone's business.  Needing to escape from reality, Jessie decides to visit her Aunt Will in Ozark County. Here, her Aunt Will is known as the Yarb Doctor, forever making potions and herbs to heal people. When Jessie arrives with her heart-broken, her Aunt makes her a lovesick potion. Not expecting it to work, Jessie goes along with her Aunt's craziness. Enter the "real" Dr Piney , with his son growing up and starting a new life with girlfriends, he too is feeling a bit lovesick. When Jessie and Dr. Piney meet and things start to go well and in Jessie's eyes a bit too well , is the Lovesick cure actually working or is it real love ? The Lovesick cure is a book that shows readers that with a dash of confidence, sexiness and attraction anyone can land the guy they want. The Lovesick Cure is a nice, light-hearted and fun novel that will have the readers believing that somewhere out there true love does really exist. 

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