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Review: Christmas Pearl - Robin Bayne

Looking for a nice Christmas read ?
Do you believe in second chances ?
Review: Christmas Pearl - Gardner's Gazebo and Holiday - Robin Bayne - November 2011
Love can be tricky , never knowing whether or not it is something that will last till as the vows go "Death Do Us Part" . For the past couple of years in my family and in life generally it has been very hard to actually realise what true love is and whether it really is something that one can grasp hold of or are we all just trying to live and play into the perfect fantasy that someone is out there for us.  I guess that's one of the main reasons that I love to read these type of books to remind myself that no matter what happens, somewhere out there Love does still very much exist. 
Getting back on track, Christmas Pearl by Robin Bayne is the lovely story that no matter what happens in your past, with God it is possible to change one's self and find love again. In Christmas Pearl, we meet Joe Gardner - one year ago he was involved in a nasty divorce case in which his soon to be ex-wife Anna's lawyer was a ruthless piece of work and the case resulted in Joe losing everything . Starting fresh, Joe moved back home to his family -now one year later things are starting to look back up for him. That is until , his cousin Daniel brings someone for Joe to meet, hoping to set Joe up on a blind date. That somebody turns out to be none other than Liza aka Elizabeth - Anna's lawyer from the Divorce. It seems though that Liza has been going through God's way the past year and has changed from her past ways. Can Joe find the forgiveness towards Liza to move on or will he be filled with resentment in the way he was treated ? Can a miracle be performed in Joe and Liza's lives this Christmas ?
Find out in Robin Bayne's Christmas tale - "Christmas Pearl".

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind review!!! So glad you liked the story : )


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