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Review: Women, Popular Culture, and the Eighteenth Century - Tiffany Potter

Do you enjoy History ? Are you into Women's Studies ?
Review: Women, Popular Culture and the Eighteenth Century - Tiffany Potter - June 2012
Do you have a fascination with History and the way Women were treated ? Ever wonder what life in the Eighteenth Century might have been like for you ? Do you love reading essays based on historical facts and figures ? Love the comparison of today's society with that of the past ?
Author Tiffany Potter has collected and put together a number of Essays written to portray her views and that researched of what Women and Popular culture were like in the 18th century. Essays include "Historicising  the Popular and the Feminime " this was written with the comparison of the two books The Rape of Lock and the ever popular Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - a book which is to be made as a film and of course what would a section on Women be without essays on Celebrity status - Icons of the Eighteenth Century and Fanning the Flames : Women, Fashion and Politics. Then onto my favourite chapter of the book - The Art of Reading and Writing , in this section they cover Women who wrote Culinary Cookbooks but my favourite was the essay written on one of my all-time favourite Jane Austen novels "Northanger Abbey", I loved the Gothic theme of the story.  The essay is titled "Comic Prints, The Picturesque and Fashion, Seeing and Being Seen in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey". The next section was Eighteenth Century Women and Popular Culture. This featured a few essays based on Austen's work, reading essays on Jane Austen's tales was the one thing I found most fascinating about this book as to me Jane Austen was one of the main role models in today's society when Women think of the Eighteenth Century and as an avid reader and lover of books - Jane Austen is one of my heroines. I am a Austenite. We have 1) Would you have laughed us out of Bath ? Shopping around for fashionable fiction and fashion in Jane Austen Adaptations  and 2) Visualising Empire in Domestic settings - Designing Persuasion for the screen and of course last but not least which would have had to be my all-time favourite Essay in the book as those who know me and also read my site will know that when it comes to Classic Renditions, I adore thee and Austen renditions are my speciality - the last essay was called From Pride and Prejudice to Lost in Austen and back again - Reading Television, Reading Novels.
This is the perfect reference guide for all Women who love Jane Austen and who are History buffs of the Eighteenth Century.

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