Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Immortal City - Scott Speer

Looking for a new teen read ?
Into Angel stories ?
Review: Immortal City - Book #1 Angel City Series - Scott Speer - April 2012
Immortal City , imagine a world filled with Angels - Angels that are sent to protect the rich and wealthy , the ones who fork out a hundred grand to have their lives saved and preserved so that they may live longer. However, with this comes the downside of those families who must watch their loved ones die as they cannot afford the luxury of a Guardian Angel. For Maddy , she is one of those girls who does not breathe or buy into the whole Guardian Angel philosophy, to her they are stuck up snobs as Maddy brings up a good point - Aren't angels suppose to make miracles not choose who lives or dies ?
The Angel on the front cover is Jackson Godspeed, he is the upcoming hottest Guardian Angel out there and all the girls want their turn at being saved/protected by Jackson. All but Maddy , but what happens when one night Jackson escapes his flash life and ends up in Kevin's Diner - where Maddy works and he starts to fall for her and vice versa. What will happen though when Maddy discovers that he is in fact "THE " Jackson Godspeed ? Will Maddy's views on Angels change ?
Somebody is killing the Angels and stripping them of their wings , what happens when Maddy starts to have premonitions of the dangers and discovers that Jackson is next on the hit list ? Will they be able to get over their hate and distrust of each other in order to save each other ? What will happen though when the truth of Maddy's existence is revealed and Jackson is banned from seeing her in order for his survival ? Can the pair separate and move forth with their lives or will they discover that Love is stronger than protection and that sometimes you may just have to break a few rules to be with the one you love and care about .
A series that I did find myself enjoying and I loved how Scott had added the flair of Mystery and Thrill to the novel and I look forward to reading Book #2 Natural Born Angel.

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