Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Gone to Ground - Brandilyn Collins

Do you love Edgy Christian Fiction ? Love reading Murder Mysteries but by a Christian author ? One of my favourite Christian Mystery authors is Brandilyn Collins. 
Review: Gone to Ground - Brandilyn Collins - March 2012
If you love murder mysteries , then Gone to Ground is definitely the read for you with lots of twists and turns and surprises throughout the story , ones that you will be like he's the killer , um maybe not , he looks like the killer. Gone to Ground is a murder mystery that takes place in the small-town of Amaryliss , Maryland. Someone has been killing single women in their sleeps, stabbing them in the neck and then stuffing them into their closets.  One of my favourite things in the novel, is that throughout the pages reporting for The Jackson Bugle is Trent Williamson - crime writer who each week posts articles about the serial killer - dubbed The Closet Killer. The cases are going unsolved until three women participate in their own form of detective work and find the evidence pointing towards them as the suspects. 
Cherrie Mae, a cleaner thinks it's her employer the Mayor of Amaryliss, Tully is convinced that the killer is her husband Mike and Deena is sure that the evidence points to her brother Stevie. Are the three men involved or will it be a shocking revelation when the "REAL" killer is revealed at the end of the novel. 
An enjoyable read for all Christian Edgy Content and Mystery Lovers.

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