Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: Hanging on by a Thread - Sophie Littlefield

Do you love Fashion ? Enjoy solving mysteries ?
Review: Hanging by a thread - Sophie Littlefield - September 2012
When I first saw this book, I wasn't too sure of what to expect as I had only read one other book by Sophie which was her book - Banished in which science-fiction played a part. In her book Hanging by a thread you could view the similarities in her writing tastes, as the main character in her series Banished had a gift passed down from generation and was viewed as a curse as did Clare in Hanging by a Thread. Clare has the ability to touch a piece of clothing and discover what a person went through while wearing that piece of clothing. Some call it a curse, while Clare and her grandmother have embraced the gift. For the past two years, two people in their neighbourhood have been killed, a little boy named Dillon and the following year a teenage girl called Amanda. When Clare finds a jacket that once belonged to Amanda, she starts to have flashes of what really happened to her that fateful night ? Is Clare experiencing a serial killer's actions or is it something more sinister , a cover-up or case of revenge ? What happens when in order to reveal the truth about what happened to Dillon and Amanda , could ruin Clare's life and reputation for good ? Is the risk of being considered a freak and an outsider worth revealing the truth ? 
Find out all this and more in Hanging by a Thread which was a really exciting book that definitely took credit to the title by hanging the readers by a thread as you turned each page trying to discover what really happened and what piece of information Clare would be able to reveal next ?

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