Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: The Summer My Life Began - Shannon Greenland

Looking for a new teen book to read ?
Ever been stuck in a rut and not sure what to do with your life ?
Review: The Summer my Life Began - Shannon Greenland - May 2012
Have you ever had your whole life planned out for you ? Right from birth to adulthood , somebody dictating who you were going to be , what grades you had to get etc. Elizabeth Margaret has , she has a bank account earmarked for Harvard where she will study Law and then work for her father's firm and this summer she has an Internship lined up in a law firm. However for Em as her sister calls her , she doesn't dream of being a lawyer , yet all she wants to do is go to Culinary school and became a sous chef.  So when on the day of Em's graduation she receives a letter and an invite from her mysterious Aunt Tilly inviting her to stay with her for the summer , she accepts despite her parent's and grandmother's protests. It really will be the summer where Em's life begins as she meets an Aunt and a cousin , she never knew she had and she will discover a truth that has been buried for so long . One that if it ever got out , it could do more than ruin a family. Em has never felt more at peace than with her Aunt Tilly , but will her happiness be destroyed when she discovers a picture of her as a newborn and Aunt Tilly.
Find out what can happen and how one summer filled with new experiences and moments can change one's life forever.

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