Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Stunning - Sara Shepard

"Can you name all of the cast, took me a minute or two but I got them all " YAY

Do you love Pretty Little Liars ? Have you been following the series on TV and in the books ? Or have you been like me and done both ?
Get ready for the latest book in the Pretty Little Liars series "Stunning".
Review: Stunning - Pretty Little Liars Book #11 - Sara Shepard- June 2012
It's Pretty Little Liars time again and if you are like me then you can't wait to read this book, as soon as I knew the release date was coming up , I went and purchased it. This is one series that I adore so much as no matter how many books come out , the girls still have alot of dark secrets and not-so-dark secrets up their sleeves and everytime one "A" goes away, another "A" pops up. In a way, A reminds me of the voice on Gossip Girl - the one who no matter what happens , knows every bodies secrets. The girls are back from their summer vacations and in hopes that they didn't have a repeat of the Jamaica trip, they all stayed in Rosewood. All except for one - Emily of whom the majority of the story is cast around.  Over the summer , Emily had a baby girl -one that no-one except for her friends and sister Carolyn knew about. Emily disguised under the name Heather was to adopt the baby to a lady named Gayle , but something was off about her so Emily dropped her baby on the doorstep of another family- The Bakers. However, Gayle's back in Rosewood and is hiding a few secrets of her own. Can Emily continue hiding the truth of her baby as she gets ready for college , or has "A" got other ideas up her sleeves ? Aria is forced to choose between breaking up with her boyfriend Noel Kahn or revealing a secret about Mr.Khan which could destroy not only their family but something this bad is seen as taboo in Rosewood. When "A" gives Aria , the hard word - will she choose to reveal the secret or take the route of saying goodbye to Noel ? Hanna, now after winning her dad back and  playing a huge role on his political campaign has won her father's love but what happens when Dad's not enough and Hanna wants Mike back ? How far is Hanna willing to go to sabotage Mike's current relationship with his girlfriend Colleen ? Can Hanna break them up in time or will she pay the consequences when "A" releases a video containing incriminating evidence ?
Spencer , the brains of the foursome is off to Princeton with early admissions. When an invitation leads her to a prestige "Eating Club" - will Spencer accept ? However, it seems that drugs are involved , after the incident with Kelsey . Spencer can't afford to do drugs or let alone be seen ? But will "A" cause trouble for Spencer and frame her to be a narc ?

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