Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Yesterday's Stardust - Becky Melby

Do you love reading Christian Fiction ? Prefer the Edgier content over the Amish Side ?
Prefer a mixture of historical and contemporary ?

Review: Yesterday's Stardust - Book #2 Lost Sanctuary Series - Becky Melby- June 2012
Like the first book in this series "Tomorrow's Sun" , author Becky Melby has found a creative way to interweave both past and present times together into one story. We read in Tomorrow's Sun , how the main character who had made her peace doing up an old house found letters that had been written in the house and a miracle was performed in her life. I found Yesterday's Stardust, a tad more exciting as the main character in this novel Dani is a reporter that is hoping to make her way up the ranks and one day I dream of being a journalist for an actual magazine or one day running my own.  The story starts in the year 1928, outside a restaurant where a women and her husband lain after a gunshot , then it flashes to the present day where we read as Dani , a new hotshot reporter has just won an award on her latest newspaper piece about Electronics and the Neglect they cause on Children, this part did get my mind thinking as we are now living in an age of technology and many parents spend their time on Facebook and Pinterest and once involved can forget about their children and of course that is how accidents occur. The story starts to get interesting about half-way through , so readers please be aware that the book is slow to start. Dani finds a diary which details the life of a young girl in 1928 and in the diary, there are reports about the murder which happened outside Nicky's restaurant and it detailed involvement of the mob , drugs etc.  Has Dani stumbled into something big , something that could put her career on the map for all to see ? Dani, ever the curious reporter goes to investigate but soon she finds herself deep in doo-doo and soon it seems that the deeper she goes, the more dangerous it gets and when she is shot at , it seems that somebody wants this kept quiet ? What happened all those decades ago and why does nobody want the past to be brought up ?
Find out all this and more in Becky Melby's new novel released in June , "Yesterday's Stardust".

Book #1 - Tomorrow's Sun 


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