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Review: An Accidental Billionaire -Emily Evans

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Accidental Billionaire (Accidental #5) 

Review : An Accidental Billionaire - Book #5 Accidental Series - Emily Evans - November 2016

Baylee has gone to stay with her best friend Tyler aka Sax as he has offered her a spot in their band, but of course Baylee keeps turning it down but wanting a break this summer, she heads to spend time with him and in-between record a flute solo for his album and who knows she may get to earn some extra money this summer doing what she loves - playing her flute. During her stay with Tyler, it seems he has more friends coming to crash at his place as Kira, Drake, and Logan turns up for the Summer Vacation.  Logan is the picture of wealth, but of course, with wealth comes family ties and dysfunction. At the moment, he holds the reigns of his family's record company after his mother passed away and left it to him. His younger brother has a record, but Logan wants him out, and of course, his step-mother is holding everything up as everyone wants a piece of financial gain and everyone expects something from Logan just because he is wealthy. That is everyone except Baylee who isn't impressed by the fact he has money and is some celebrity. Baylee, however, is about to discover how the other side live when she is invited to a social club - wealthy version of a Scavenger Hunt held by Logan and his friends. At the beginning of the hunt, everyone must work in pairs, and they must write what they want to win and have most in the world on a bit of paper. Baylee writes One Billion Dollars and pairs up with Logan. The last one standing wins their ultimate wish. Anything can happen on this scavenger hunt as Baylee is about to discover when it comes to the ending and she finds herself not only a billion dollars richer but also with a different surname. How much trouble can the wealthy get when the sky is the limit? Find out in An Accidental Billionaire by Emily Evans.


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