Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quiz Time : Are you a Christian Atheist ?

Quiz Time : Are you a Christian Atheist ?

While reading the Zondervan Blog , I came across the release of this book "The Christian Atheist" and with the book came a quiz that I challenge all to take.

Am I a Christian Atheist? (Quiz)
A "Christian Atheist" believes in God but acts as if he doesn't exist. Take this 1-page quiz and find out if your answers resemble those of a Christian Atheist.
 Count 1 point for  each statement you agree with:

  • More money equals more security.
  • Prayer is fine but it rarely makes a difference.
  • I am hesitant to share my faith with others.
  • I worry often.
  • Going to church is good, but inessential -- like getting extra credit.
  • There are some people I will not forgive.
  • I have some weaknesses that will never change.
  • I doubt that God can relate to my suffering.
  • I wish I were more sure that God loves me.
Answers :

 0: No Christian Atheist tendencies.
You checked no boxes, so you may already have an intimate, fully-surrendered relationship with God. That's excellent! If you feel there are some aspects of the Christian gospel you're struggling to live out, we recommend you read Craig Groeschel's The Christian Atheist.

1-3: Low-level Christian Atheist tendencies.
Your answers show some low Christian Atheist tendencies. Perhaps you already see inconsistencies between how you live and what you claim to believe, or perhaps you don't, and our suggestion is an unpleasant surprise. Either way, If you're interested in hearing what Craig Groeschel learned through his struggle with Christian Atheism, we recommend you read an excerpt from The Christian Atheist (see link below).

4-6: Moderate Christian Atheist tendencies.
Your answers show some moderate Christian Atheist tendencies. Do you feel as if your rallying cry could be "I believe in God and Christ's gospel enough to contribute comfortably!" If this resonates with you, you're not alone. If you're curious about how life could be different, we recommend you check out Craig Groeschel's The Christian Atheist (see link to an excerpt below).

7-9: High Christian Atheist tendencies.
Your answers show some high Christian Atheist tendencies. If you believe in God but struggle to live out your faith, you are not alone. Pastor Craig Groeschel is a self-described "recovering Christian Atheist," and this was one of his reasons for writing about growing into a "wholly surrendered, Spirit-filled, kingdom-driven life." If you're curious about this life and how to pursue it, read an excerpt from The Christian Atheist (see link below).

Read an excerpt of The Christian Atheist - http://zndr.vn/l6CdFH



  1. Hmm . . . interesting quiz. No matter what you answer, lo and behold, you're some sort of Christian Atheist, and the recommended solution is to read the book.

    That's either a a really deep commentary on the 'human' element common to any faith (or lack thereof), or a horribly transparent marketing ploy.

    Sadly, I suspect it's the latter. :)

  2. I'm confused.

    Would you or would you not recommend I check out Craig Groeschel's The Christian Atheist.


  3. I really do not like labels. I think we live in a paradoxical world in which we are all one but living in separate bodies. Putting labels on people keeps people feeling their separateness rather than their wholeness. God's religion is about oneness, not separateness.

  4. For me personally, Im always one to explore and Im a Christian and I got
    4-6: Moderate Christian Atheist tendencies but what was interesting to me reading this was just on Tuesday I was at a bible study for YA and we actually got into a conversation about labels, judgement and what counts as a christian etc. I say if you are one to like to explore outside the box, then give it a read as who knows it my be really interesting and have some pointers that you can work on to become a stronger christian in your walk with God.

  5. Interesting oxymoron. Not sure if its this simplistic, but the survey was kind of fun and enlightening, too!


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