Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: Deep Trouble - Mary Connealy

Wanting a Historical Christian Fiction, one that set in the Wild West ?

Deep Trouble
Review: Deep Trouble - Mary Connealy - May 2011
Have you ever wanted something so bad , that no matter what anyone else says , you will be as stubborn as a mule to find it and do it your way ? For Shannon Dysart , she believed in her father and when everyone else thought he was delusional , she believed in him with all her heart. In a way, Deep Trouble by Mary Connealy reminded me alot of the movie National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage and Fool's Gold starring Kate Hudson. As in National Treasure, nobody believed Nicholas Cage's character's grandfather about the treasure except for him and in Fool's Gold, it was said that the treasure was left by the Spanish. In Deep Trouble , we hear the story behind the City of Gold starting in the year 1150 in Madrid, Spain and working it's way to America. On the expedition, Shannon is caught up into trouble and left to die and her saviour is in the form of Gabe . As the story goes along we see the tension between the two as Gabe is uncomfortable about travelling with an unmarried woman and Shannon is desperate to resume her journey and put a sparkle on her father's name. As usual with most Christian fiction, we read as the passion intensifies between Gabe and Shannon and we read the decision on whether Shannon and Gabe tie the knot or will Shannon return to a Childhood Sweetheart back in her hometown, once she is found to be safe and sound.

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