Friday, May 27, 2011

Review : The Complete Tales of the Doodlebers - Mervyn Joseph

Todays Review is just that a Children's Book by Author Mervyn Joseph titled "The Complete tales of the Doodlebers"-2010 - It's funny as when I first read the title I thought it said the Complete Tales of the Doodlebears , also for some reason, when I read this I was in for a shock as I thought it would be a war story lol.

The Complete Tales of the Doodlebers

Review -The Complete Tales of the Doodlebers - Mervyn Joseph- May 2010

Have you ever held a children's book and opened it up and brought face to face with tales of joy, laughter and rhyme , books written in the tradition of famous authors like Dr Seuss. I hadn't , not for a while anyway. The Complete tales of the Doodlebers is just that , it is fun and easy to read , and once you start reading a tale you don't want to put it down. The Complete Tales of Doodlebers contains a series of four short short stories , and follow the lives of the family of Doodlebers -you have Josie , Oliver , Mary, Arthur and their brother Charles who is likened to the Grinch - remember that big scary dude that hated Christmas and tried to steal it. This story also had to me a feel of Alice in Wonderland ,with all the magical creatures from the Doodlebers who I can imagine in my mind look a bit like Wombles -not sure why to the Griffin-hoy who I imagine looks a bit like that big fluffy dog that flies in the sky in the movies "the Never-ending story". As you read these tales , Im sure each and everyone of us will conjure up a different image, but one thing that is certain to remain the same is that no matter what creatures our mind creates , the stories are amazing and something that everyone will love and the stories due to the rhyming and great rhythm patterns make them perfect to read to little children and primary school aged.

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