Sunday, May 15, 2011

R18 Read - Review: Mercy - Eleri Stone

Wanting an R18 Read with the main characters being Shape Shifting jaguars ?


Review: Mercy - Eleri Stone - September 2010

I don't know when it comes to Shape Shifters, for some reason I'm not really a huge fan but every now and again, I will discover a shape shifting novel that I enjoy and Mercy by Eleri Stone was one that I enjoyed. At 129 pages, It is a nice quick read and starts off with a pit tournament to discover who will be the next King or Queen . Enter in the two main characters we have Gabriel - an half breed whom they call mutants and Iada , the current Alpha's niece . Iada has been training for months to become the next queen and is one of the best fighters whereas Gabriel wants to become King for a sole purpose of opening up the resources to cater for half-breeds. During the fight, we see the sparks fly between Gabriel and Iada and later read as they called it a truce and became Husband and Wife. It is later revealed, that Anna - Iada's sister and her nephew Michael are still alive and Gabriel takes Iada to visit. It is here that Iada witnesses what life is like for those half-breeds and is appalled . What happens next when Iada is torn between supporting her Uncles in their quest to destroy the half-breeds and her new husband and sister Anna's family . Which side will Iada take and read as the middle and end of the story becomes intense ?


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