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Review: Grandmother's Bible - Zondervan

This is one of the perfect gifts that every Christian and new Christian - well to put it bluntly this is the one book that everyone in the world should own.

The Grandmother's Bible
Review: The Grandmother's Bible - Zondervan -Feb 2008
As a Christian, it seems quite odd reviewing a bible , as for me this is a book that is and should be my essential guidebook to life , and funnily enough when it comes to bibles I find that Zondervan is the best publishers and if you are just starting out as a Christian or have been one for a while and are a bit like me, then your preference for reading the word is in the language of NIV which translates into New International Version, this is the most common type of biblical language used in today's society. One thing that always stands out for me when it comes to bibles, is that no matter what you enjoy, whether you are female or male , old or young - there is a bible made especially for you and today's bible which is an appropiate topic to talk about as it's Sunday , is one made especially for all those grandmothers out there in the world. This bible has been constructed along with the written God's word and over 100+ grandmothers from all around the world , the bible is designed to help you in the role of a grandmother to teach and pray for your grandchildren, so that they may also experience the love of God's word.
The Grandmother's Bible is based on the verse found in Daniel 12 v 3.
"Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever."
The Grandmother's Bible also includes Devotions and ancedotes written by everyday Grandmothers and for those who love Christian Fiction it includes authors like Karen Kingsbury, Terri Blackstock, Robin Lee Hatcher, Lori Copeland, Neta Jackson, Shelia Walsh, Corrie Ten Boom , Leslie Strobel.
It includes Presentation pages and lots of gaps to record your Grandchildren's Details , Devotions to help you nuture your faith with God as it instructs you how to be a godly grandmother , Perspectives which include articles relating to grandparenting as a Christian Woman and on each page for all those Grandmothers wanting to teach their grandchildren, there is a prompt on stories to share e.g Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel , Noah's Ark etc.
This is the perfect present for every Christian Grandmother in the world and what makes it so special is that it is designed exactly for them and for those Grandmother's with eyesight problems it does come in Large Print.

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