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Review : Rosebush - Michelle Jaffe

Have you read the Book "Fury" by Shirley Marr ? If , so then this book will be right up your path to read.


Review: Rosebush - Michelle Jaffe - March 2011

Sick of reading supernatural novels ? This one at first when I saw the cover , it gave off a supernatural feel but it proved to be a whole entire different genre.
High School - the bane of our existence , split up into different cliques - you have the geeks , the jocks , the loners etc and of course the group everybody wants to be a part of - the populars whom have their own particular name depending on what school you attend . In Rosebush, they are called "Stall Sisters". When Jane starts a new school, this is her time to shine and become a somebody , on the first day of school she meets Kate - 1/3 of the Stall Sisters and sooner than later Jane is one of them. The novel , then fast forwards to Jane lying in a coma at the local ICU , somebody tried to kill her and her crime scene picture reflects of Sleeping Beauty . As Jane tries to remember what exactly happened that night, she soon realises that her memories and her friends aren't matching up ? One set of them are lying and it becomes apparent to Jane that one of her friends tried to kill her and now because they were unsuccessful , they are going to try again till she's dead.
Rosebush is a novel that shows that with Popularity comes a Pricetag and the consequences if you cannot pay it.


  1. Nice review. I liked how this book had me guessing the whole time. It was really well done.

  2. Rosebush was a great fast-paced read. Glad to see that you enjoyed it. It kept me guessing until the very end.


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