Thursday, May 19, 2011

VBT# Revenge Served Cold- Jackie Fullerton

Today's next stop on the VBT# trail is author Jackie Fullerton and her book "Revenge Served Cold".

Revenge Served Cold

Review: Revenge Served Cold - Jackie Fullerton- May 2010
Years ago, there were two guys and a girl - Ross , Elliot and Kathy. They were the best of friends until Kathy decided that she was in love with Elliot and not Ross, though before she could get with Elliot , there was something of Ross's she had to take care of. Now years later, Kathy and Elliott are married and he is now a Professor of Law and their marriage however has hit a bump in the road as they are trying to have a baby together and it is brought up that due to the abortion , Kathy may never get pregnant again. Enter Ross, he has always been obsessive over Kathy and believes she should have never chosen Elliott over him and he will do anything to get him back for it and finally there is little ol' Alice, in College Alice was Kathy's best friend and always had a thing for Ross though now she has decided that she wants Ross all to herself and will do anything to get him , even if it means double crossing him and getting back at Kathy . When Professor Elliott Spence shows up dead in a hit and run. The prime suspect is Kathy, but she's innocent so who is trying to frame her is it Ross or Alice or even both ?
Find out who the murderer is as Professor's Spence's students set out to use their knowledge of investigative and law reporting.
A nice light-hearted mystery, that will keep you entertained.

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