Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: Cinderella : Ninja Warrior - Maureen McGowan

Are you a fan of Cinderella and enjoy the choose your own adventures by R. Montgomery ? Well Check out today's book "Cinderella : Ninja Warrior".

Cinderella: Ninja Warrior (Twisted Tales)
Review: Cinderella : Ninja Warrior - Twisted Tales Book #2 - Maureen McGowan - April 2011
As a child growing up on books , I used to love reading the choose your own adventure novels where you read a page and at the bottom of it , you chose an option which would send you to Pg 18 or Pg 29 and each time you would read it , something different would occur. You had no idea which way the story was going to lead you or how it ended as in the end that final page was all your own doing , your decision making skills. In a way, it was like you were the author or narrator of the story and depending what you wanted to happen was the way your story was going to be told.
Cinderella: Ninja Warrior though is a choose your own adventure and at the end of each chapter or sections as they are called , you are given two options to choose from and which ever one you agree on will lead you down a different path.
Cinderella : Ninja Warrior tells the story of Cinderella , whose mother was a high and powerful wizard who died during childbirth and whose father remarried another wizard who came with two daughters of her own , Agatha and Gwendolyn. Five years later , Cinderella's father passed away leaving her with a horrible stepmom and two horrible and ugly stepsisters. One night, the King announces that their will be a ball and all the ladies of the kingdom are invited. We see Cinderella recieve an invitation and now it is up to you as the reader to choose Option A) Cinderella must go to the ball or B) Cinderella shall stay home.
A Choose your own Adventure made especially for The teen/ YA Audience and it's up to you as the reader to show how the story finishes, create your own ending. :)

Excerpt Included :
Excerpt from Cinderella: Ninja warrior

Ignoring her instinct to help, Cinderella took advantage of the distraction and leaped to the right, barely grabbing onto the lowest branch of a nearby oak. She arched her back and swung, hoping she could build enough momentum to loop herself up to stand so she could leap from that branch to a higher one. Her palms scraped on the rough bark, but on the second swing she had enough height. She hoped. She let go, did a somersault in the air, and landed. The branch bounced beneath
her, but she controlled the spring and used the momentum to propel herself higher. She reached up and out toward another branch. She was going to make it.Just as she began to sense freedom, she slammed at full force into something unseen.
The breath rushed out of her chest and pain spread everywhere. It was as if she’d plowed into an invisible wall between the two branches. She slid down the unseen hard surface to land in a crumpled heap on a pile of dead leaves. “Stupid girl.” Her stepmother strode into the forest and nudged her with her pointed boot. “Do you really think I’d take you outside the cottage grounds
without taking precautions?”

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