Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Nick of Time - Tim Downs

Are you a fan of Bugs and Forensics ? Wanting a Christian Mystery to keep you on your toes ? What about do you connect more with Hogkins on Bones rather than Booth ?
Nick of Time (A Bug Man Novel)

Review: Nick of Time - Book #6 in the Bug Man Series -Tim Downs - May 2011

I've read a few books in the Bug Man Series featuring Nick Polchak and really enjoyed them , so when I was given the opportunity from Netgalley www.netgalley.com to read and review the 6th Book in the series , I thought why not . In this book we see Nick has finally decided to settle down and get married. His counterpart in the marriage is another unlikely candidate which I guess makes the pairing perfect - Alena . Alena meet Nick when he needed a cavader dog , which is a dog that sniffs out dead bodies etc. Alena lives isolated in the bush and trains them. A week before their wedding , Nick receives a call to come to a monthly Vidocq society Meeting , as a friend of his needs Nick's help on a case he is working on. When Nick does arrive, his friend is nowhere to be seen and Nick arrives at his friend's place to find him murdered. Nick not being one to not interfere lands himself into alot of trouble including a night in Jail. We read as Nick must track to contact some old and new friends to find out what exactly happened , though with only a week till his wedding, is this a good time ? . For Nick now must solve a case of who murdered his friend and why and return to the Chapel on Saturday in time for the wedding. Can Nick do it in time ? Find out in the appropriately titled book "Nick of Time".

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