Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Hip Hop - Catherine Hnatov

As a Children's and Teens Librarian, part of my job is running weekly a Toddler Time which consists of stories and songs for ages 0-4 and when picking books, you have to go with stories that aren't too long and have lots of words and ones that you can have an interaction with the children and today's book is just that .

Hip, Hop (Portuguese Edition)

Review: Hip Hop - Catherine Hnatov - September 2010

Unfortunately when searching Amazon for the cover of this book, I could only find it in Spanish and Portugese , so readers Upa! Upa! translates into Hip, Hop in Spanish. There isn't much to write about this book as it is only seven pages long but it is the perfect book to read to your baby and toddler, it is awesome for a child starting to read before moving onto a picture book level. By the looks of the book, it is a board book which is designed so that the young ones can not tear it apart however of course, as working in the library, there is a downfall to having board books , the babies tend to suck the book which turns the cardboard pages wet. On each page, it features an animal and the sounds that animal makes. You can use it to interact with the child by getting them to repeat the animal sounds back to you or by asking the child what noises they make e.g what noise does a cat make ? it can either be purr or miaow.

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