Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Spring for Susannah - Catherine Richmond

It seems that within Christian Fiction, the theme of Mail order brides is one that features quite predominantly, Find out about this mail order bride in Catherine Richmond's new novel.

Spring for Susannah
Review: Spring for Susannah - Catherine Richmond - June 2011

 Have you noticed that in the majority of Christian fiction, there tends to be similar themes and one of them that rates quite highly on the commonly used list is mail-order brides , however what makes the novel stand out from the rest is the way the author plays the angle . After reading Catherine Richmond's book "Spring for Susannah", I say she played her angle well as parts of the novel brought tears to my eyes as we read about Susannah and her life that she had endured. All that pain and the feelings that it had built inside her heart, it made you just think and ache with pain and reading the novel, right through you just want Susannah to feel happy and be accepted as after all, no matter what has happened that's what we all deserve.
In Spring for Susannah, we read as Susannah who has no parents and no prospects for the future readily accepts the local Reverand's offer, to become a mail-order bride for his brother Jesse in the small country town of Fourth Sidling, Dakota. However, Susannah feels that because of her hidden past, she is not worthy to become Jesse's bride and we read as Susannah starts to live in a state of fear that one day Jesse will turn her out and she will have nothing. We read though as Susannah is everything Jesse has ever wanted in a wife and her Veternarian skills come in handy on the farm. Can Jesse break through Susannah's guarded heart and let her know that she is worthy and not just in Jesse's eyes but also God's.
Is the move to Dakota , the miracle that Susannah has been aching for and is it time for her to finally open her heart to the possibilities and the truths that God lays in wait for her.
A Lovely story about one women's journey to self-acceptance and that when she looks deeper , she will realise that all she ever needed was to believe in herself as much as everybody else did.

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