Thursday, May 19, 2011

VBT# The Collectibles - James J. Kaufman

Today's review is on behalf of the VBT# run by The Cadence Group and today's featured book is "The Collectibles" by James J. Kaufman.

The Collectibles

Review: The Collectibles - James J. Kaufman - 2011
Are you a fan or have you seen the movie or even read the book "The Ultimate Gift" , it's a christian film where in order for the grandson to inherit all this money he has to do a list of tasks and included in those tasks are strangers or how about the movie starring Haley Joel Osmett - Pay it Forward based on the book by Catherine Ryan Hyde. When reading , The Collectibles that's what it reminded me off. Our story starts with Joe Hart who is the type of guy to help somebody out when in need of dire straits etc Joe has always leaned on the motto of Do what the other fella can't , be what the other fella ain't and help the other fella . He sets out in life and works his way from the Navy to the best lawyer in the world. Enter in the second main character Preston, he is a trust-fund baby and has had everything handed to him on a silver platter. When a tragedy occurs which leaves Preston worried he is going to be penniless , he seeks out hellp from Joe. Joe decides to help him but with one condition - when Joe needs help , he will help and follow what Joe asks to a T. Preston, at his lowest agrees to Joe's requests. A few years pass and sooner than later Preston is called upon from Joe with his favour as Joe doesn't have much time left in the world. Preston must meet five people all of whom are part of Joe's "Collectibles" and earn their trust and care for them. Can Preston known for his selfishness , change his ways and honour Joe's request or will he find himself going back on his word ?
An amazing story which will see how one little action can change the whole world and those who follow.
The moral of the story - always lend a hand and pay it forward.

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