Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Original Sin- Beth McMullan

Wanting a nice light-hearted mystery to read ?

Original Sin: A Sally Sin Adventure (Sally Sin Adventures)

Review: Original Sin : A Sally Sin Adventure - Beth McMullen - July 2011

Lucy Parker has what she always wished for : a husband, a child and a white picket fence. After escaping the Spy business as Agent 26 : Sally Sin, nine years ago. She has done everything in her power to wipe clean the slate and support her wealthy husband in his grand scheme to help stop the world of pollution and wasting our natural resources and now Lucy is a stay-at-home mother with a three year old son Theo , who is in the potty training stage at the moment and slowly easing out of the terrible twos stage. She is a mother , a wife and her duties include carpooling to daycare, sipping coffee at the local coffee shop, taking her child to the playground. Until recently, when Lucy gets a phone call from her previous boss , Simon Still informing her that an evil nemesis of Lucy's Ian Brackford is not as dead as they thought and is alive and well in her neighbourhood. Soon Lucy must slip back into the Spy Hat as well as her double life as a Mother and Wife in order to save not only her family but the world as Ian has finally perfected his nuclear attack.
A fun light-hearted mystery that shows that Mothers definitely deserve the role as "Superwoman".

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