Tuesday, February 5, 2013

VBT# Melting the Millionaire's Heart - Linda Morris

Today on The Phantom Paragrapher , we have starring Linda Morris and her new release currently touring cyber-space and the world of blogs "Melting the Millionaire's Heart" right in time for Valentine's Day coming up around the corner.
Review: Melting the Millionaire's Heart - Linda Morris - December 2012
If you are in the market for a quick read and one that contains love, romance, sex and the enjoyment of teaching special needs children and the love that comes with it then Melting the Millionaire's Heart is the right read for you. The book starts out on a Winter's Snowy Day where Special needs teacher Kayla is on her way to a school fundraiser being held by a mysterious donor Ryan Langford when she recieves news that causes a car crash. Stranded with no way to get to Langford Manor, Kayla starts to hitchike only with the opportunity to be picked up by a hunky male called RJ. What follows next is a whirlwind one-night stand in surrounded by the white blizzardly snow. Later though, Kayla will discover betrayal as she realises he is not who he seems . Will she be able to forgive him ? What happens when what she thought was a one-night stand presents itself as an opportunity for more? Will she accept that she has melted this particular millionaire's heart or will she try and put up an Ice Queen Act for him to mask her hurt feelings?
Find out more in this quick to read and great for Valentine's Day read "Melting the Millionaire's Heart" by Linda Morris.

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