Monday, February 4, 2013

VBT# Running on Empty - LB Simmons

Are you looking for a new book to read? Do you love celebrating the world of Indie Authors like we do at The Phantom Paragrapher ?
Get ready for LB Simmons new debut novel "Running on Empty".
Review: Running on Empty - Book #1 Mending Hearts - L.b Simmons - January 2013
Imagine having the perfect life , a great job , three beautiful daughters and a loving husband that you have known since you were thirteen and then one day one of those things that you loved dearly were taken away from you. How would you cope ? How would you face each day knowing that you had to put on a strong, brave face and be there for your children and your business partner ?
For Alex , she had it all until a knock at the door by the police gave her the news her husband had passed. Three years down the track, Alex is finding her life is continually hanging by a thread as she is a full-time mother to her three daughters Nycole, Kyndall and Rylie and owns a business with her long-time best friend Harlow. It seems that Alex can never find time for herself , though she isn't really looking as her heart still yearns for her lost husband Derek.
Running on Empty will show readers that all it can take is a morning of bad luck to change your life around as Alex's story starts one fateful morning where she and her daughters are running late , only of course to discover her petrol tank is "Running on Empty".  Her knight in shining armour arrives only for Alex to discover it is none other than Blake Morgan - her school crush before she met her husband Derek.
With a series of up's and downs, emotions running high and low. Will Alex realise that it is alright to move on with Blake and that by doing so , she isn't disrespecting her late husband ?
Running on Empty is a fun and rollercoaster ride of emotions read that once you get started you won't want to put down and even better is that if you are one who loves to write notes to themselves , then you will love Running on Empty as Alex along with LB Simmons have inserted several Notes to Self throughout the book.

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