Thursday, May 17, 2018

Review: Manic Monday - Piper Rayne

Manic Monday (Charity Case, #1)

Review: Manic Monday - Book #1 Charity Case Series - Piper Rayne - April 2018

This book drew me in with the bright cover as I have a confession to make that Hot Pink is one of my favorite colors. Like most books I read, I have a fair idea what they are about, but it isn't until I start reading them, and then they surprise me. In the case of Manic Monday, I knew from the blurb that the main character Victoria had divorced her husband and along with her daughter Jade has moved back home to her mothers home in the small town she was from. Leaving her old job, she was recommended by her boss to a new one run by Hannah. This was one of my favorite parts of the book was the chemistry and banter between the three employees at RISE. It made the book and also have you thinking, I want to work there, or I want my workplace to be like that. When Victoria drops Jade off at her new school, she is about to get a blast from her past as pulling up with a little boy Henry in Jade's class is Reed Warner - looking as hot as ever. Reed Warner happened to be Victoria's best man at her wedding to her now ex-husband and was his former best friend until they went their separate ways. We read as sparks fly between Reed and Victoria, but after being hurt by her ex, can Victoria open her heart to a possible relationship with Reed? Even if means going against her now the new policy of not dating lawyers? Find out in this romance story filled with laughs and sweet moments and steamy scenes. A series that I now can't wait to read Book #2 Afternoon Delights when it is released.

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