Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blogthings : Book Quizzes

Reading a Blog Post from one of the sites I belong to http://bookdout.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/just-for-fun-what-type-of-book-are-you/ it made me decide to head to Blogthings www.blogsthings.com and try out some of their literature-related quizzes , so readers here's what I am :

1) Are you a Paperback or a Hardback Book ?
You Are a Paperback Book

You are an avid reader, and you probably buy a lot of books. And nothing beats an inexpensive paperback you can carry around.You read whatever you feel like reading. You aren't a snob, and you aren't ashamed of your tastes.You always have a stack of books to get through, and it seems to be constantly multiplying.
You don't mind waiting for a book you want to come out in paperback. You have plenty to read in the meantime!

Reflection: This is somewhat true as Im definitely an Avid reader and I still buy books but I do get alot from the Libraries and as review copies from various places. I definitely read what I want to read as I don't have a particular genre that I stick too and Im not ashamed to say I LOVE my Murder Mysteries - the gorier the better and I tend to prefer American over UK as no offense UK writers as I do have some favourites like Shelia Quigley, Ken Bruen, Matt Hilton etc but some UK tend to go on and on and Im like wheres the action - I need fast-paced action and exciting bits. Of course my TBR Pile is never-ending and on top of that my To Buy List is always multiplying day by day.

2) The Book Test :
You are a Dreamer

You tend to have your head in the clouds. You love to be drawn in to a whole other world.
You are a sensitive person. You find it easy to be emotionally effected by books.
You are a person with many different interests. You are fascinated by everything in the world.
You are a person who loves to acquire possessions. You can't resist a sale, and you own a lot of things.

3) What Type of Book are You ?
You Are Mystery

You are a natural problem solver. You like figuring out the best way to do something.
You are very intuitive. You are good at picking up on people's moods and predicting the future.
You can't help but being a bit of a detective and a snoop. You always want to know what's going on.
And while you may have the scoop on everyone you know, you're not a gossip. You're a pro at keeping secrets.

4) Are you fiction or Non-Fiction ?
You Are Nonfiction

You are mentally sharp and clear-minded. Facts matter to you, and you remember them well.
You are curious about the world, and many subjects interest you. You have a real thirst for knowledge.
You are willing to listen to any point of view, as long as it's backed up with facts and logic.
You have nothing against fiction, but you definitely feel like the real world is interesting enough as is!

This is interesting as though its true what they have written , I tend to enjoy reading alot of fiction as I guess its the escape from me being like Non-Fiction in reality.


  1. Those quizzes are fun, though I'm still in shock I'm supposed to be an eBook *lol*.

    And welcome to The Book Garden too!!

  2. Glad you had fun with it!

    Shelleyrae @ book'd Out


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