Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review : True Believers - Maria Zannini

Today's Erotica Fiction from Carina Press is a review copy provided from Netgalley www.netgalley.com and is a favourite for those who are into a hint of Adventure Fiction and Fantasy amongst other things.
True Believers

Review: True Believers - Maria Zannini - October 2010

Meet Taelen Jessit - he is an alien emissary with a mission from the White House to search for Ancient Gods , his search and mission leads him to an archaeological dig that is happening led by archaelogist Rachel . Rachel's character reminded me alot of Alex Archer's Annja Creed -famous lead character and Chasing Histories Monster's in the series Rogue Angel , which Ive reviewed so far books 1-4 on my site and Sydney Fox from TV Show Relic Hunter. When Taelen's military thugs evade Rachel's digging site and force her and her team out of the cave, a flash flood - a bit like Noah's but not as heavy and long ends up pushing them all out of the cave. Was the flash flood just that or was it a warning from the Gods not wanting to be disturbed ? In the accident, Rachel's ankle was discovered to be broken , but soon it is discovered that it has healed and the only other witness was Taelen. This forms an opinion in Taelen's mind that Rachel must have been blessed by the Ancient Gods and she may just be the key for him to getting closer to the discovery. Further reading , we readers discover that the real reason why Rachel was healed so quickly is that she is in fact a descendant from the Ancient Gods and has been brought to earth to find out who is killing the Gods. As she gets closer to Taelen , can she trust him with her heart and secret or when he finds out who she is , will she become betrayed ?

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