Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: Running Scared - Lisa Jackson

Are you a fan of Lisa Jackson's books ? Have you read her hit novel "Wishes"? If so then you will remember a bit of this storyline as Lisa Jackson was asked to rewrite it with a bit more meaning and deeper characters.

                                                      WishesRunning Scared
                                       Review: Running Scared- Lisa Jackson- August 2010

Lisa Jackson was asked to re-write her 1999 novel "Wishes" and to give the readers more suspense and deeper and meaningful characters and if you are a fan of her later work , then you will really enjoy this book. The novel starts in 1980, when young widow Katie was about to leave her work and was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Take a newborn baby and raise it as her son as the Child's birth family wanted nothing to do with it , after losing her husband Jim and daughter Erin in a car crash -it was like a dream. Fast forward , Fifteen years and the boy whom she called Jon is fifteen years old and Katie has provided all for him and has traded her law-firm skills to being a teacher. Jon however as Katie learnt over the years has a special gift, he has visions and premonitions and a new one is starting and it shows that him and Katie are in danger and somebody wants to Kill him. Katie and Jon soon learn that his biological grandfather is dying and has left a fortune and now in order for others to collect it, Jon must be Killed. Not only that, Jon's father Daegan has turned up and wants to know his son and as we soon learn the gift Jon has is hereditary . Can Katie save Jon and then open her heart and home to Daegan ?
Find out in Lisa Jackson's revised and re-edited novel "Running Scared".

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