Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review: Live Sent ( You Are a Letter) - Jason C. Dukes

Today's book is appropiate , being written on a Sunday of all days : It is a Christian Non-Fiction titled "Live Sent : You are a Letter " and provided by Netgalley www.netgalley.com

Live Sent: you are a letter

Review: Live Sent : You are a Letter - Jason C. Dukes - October 2009

Who loves recieving a letter , now I know we don't like recieving bills in the mail but I'm talking about the good kind of letters, the ones from old friends, the christmas card letters, ones filled with amazing and happy joyful news. Live Sent : You are a letter talks about God as the sender of the message and we his followers are the message - he has entrusted in us his word - the bible to go out and share it with the world , the nation. Live Sent is broken into different categories and tells us how as God's letters how we can share his message with others , it reminds me of the programme we are studying in church called "The Next Step" - what is your next step going to be now that you have recieved God's letter , are you going to just stand there and disregard it or will you open it, read it with such joy and go "wowza , I want to share this anazing letter with somebody else".
Each chapter contains as we all love hearing other's amazing and extraordinary stories , the second part is titled "I challenge you" which is a biblical everyday challenge for readers to go out and put yourself out of your comfort zone , the third part is called "consider and converse" - this section is a time for reflection and then it allows readers' questions to help you out with others to share what you have just learnt and also it teaches you how to converse with God as with doing any kind of biblical study , it is forever increasing the closeness of the relationship that you and I have with God.
God created each one of us to receive and send a message-intentionally - into the lives of the people we do life with daily. That's how love is dem­onstrated, how relationships happen, and how people find the abundant life as they are intended to find it. Pastor and speaker Jason C. Dukes helps readers see how giving yourself away in the daily means being to other people the letter of God's love that has been written on our hearts. Our community needs us, and our world needs us . . . to live sent.

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