Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Thriving at College - Alex Chediak

Are you or your Teen/ Young Adult heading off to college ? The Big, Bad scary world of fraternities , sororities , peer pressure, keg parties , basketball / rugby/ baseball games ? Are you worried about what may happen to their Christianity while at College ? . Parent's do not fear as author Alex Chediak has written the perfect book for your teens/ YA's.
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Thriving at College: Make Great Friends, Keep Your Faith, and Get Ready for the Real World!

Review : Thriving at College - Alex Chediak - April 2011

Are you or someone in your family heading off to college ? Worried that their faith in God and their upbringing in Christianity may waver or collapse ? Well , parents and YA do not fear as God has heard your prayers and instructed Alex Chediak to write a book called "Thriving at College" - Make Great friends , Keep your faith and Get ready for the real world.
Going to College can be a scary thing as you are about to step into a whole new world and wonder if people are going to like you , if you will fit in , what clique you will join and if you are into the whole Rush week - which fraternity/ sorority you will join.
Each section of this book is connected to what matters e.g College, Relationships, Character and Academics and the common mistakes we all make when we reach those stages in our lives . Also included so that it's not a boring book telling you what to do , it includes some ancedotes and stories from real-live college students like you and me.
A guidebook that all Christian teens/ YA who are heading off to college or those preparing should add to their required reading lists.

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