Friday, March 4, 2011

We're Doing the Book Blogger Hop

It's Friday again and that means readers that it is Book Blogger Hop time and today's question is a hard one as for me I'm all for Heroes and Not Villians .

Today's Book Blogger Question:

"Who's your all-time favorite book villain?"

                                                   Today's Book Blogger Answer:

This was a tough cookie of a question as I'm not normally a villain lover but thinking about it as I
do read alot of murder mysteries and serial killer novels. My top three villains would have to be
Kyle Craig - aka Mastermind from the Alex Cross Series by James Patterson - his amount of skills and intellect :) . The second which could be classified as either a hero of sorts or a villain and as he is a serial killer , I'll put him as a Villain is Dexter Morgan and Brian Morgan -but more so Dexter from the series Dexter by Jeff Lindsey - though if we wanted to be more technical and precise the villain of the Dexter series is Dexter's "Dark Passenger". Thirdly, another that could swing in the direction of not necessarily a villain is Jeremy - Carson Ryder's insane brother from JA Kerley's novels.


  1. I haven't read this series yet. I've been hearing a lot about them though, so I think I should think about picking up the first book soon and trying it.

    Great pick!

  2. You reminded me, I really need to get into the Dexter series, both book and television. Very nice villains there!

    Happy hopping and reading!

  3. Hi, hon - already a follower, but stopping by to share the Friday love. Nice choice of villains. I went with Randall Flagg from Stephen King's overlapping universes of horror for my villain. Gotta love the man in black . . .

    Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

  4. New follower from the blog hop...

    I just adore Rainbow Bright. Such lovely childhood memories your icon brought back to me. =) Also love the blog name. Very creative.

    If you want to check out my blog it's at: http://www.aflashlightreader.blogspot.com

  5. My favorite book villain is, hands down, is the Napoleon of crime -
    Professor James Moriarty.

    It took me less than ten seconds to come up with my answer. But you'll
    never guess why.

    Hop on over to my blog and find out -- http://www.howardsherman.net

    Howard Sherman

  6. Hi! Thanks for visiting me today. You read 73 books in February? That's amazing! I'd be happy to squeeze in 12! Have a great weekend.

    Diana @ Book of Secrets
    & The Forbidden Bookshelf

  7. Hi! Just stopping by from the Hop. I've never read those books, but I do like James Patterson. Although, the only book I've read of his was Sundays at Tiffany's-loved it!
    Hope you have a great weekend :)
    Caroline @ Bon Bons and Reveries


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